Many claim Hussy is the best blusher ever.  I'm not sure I'd go quite that far, but it's certainly up there as one of the best and it's HALF PRICE on  Don't miss out - if you don't have this blush, you have to try it!
Went nuts in Superdrug today and finally snapped up a couple of their Blusher Palettes that I've been coveting for some time. I don't have any of their Eyeshadow Palettes yet which is what most people seem to rave about. Their Blush Palettes are £9.99 each in Superdrug and you get 3 generous sized blushes in a mirrored compact.

I also got their Contouring kit at £6.49 as I love contouring and the only kit I have is the MAC ones. Can't wait to try it tomorrow.

What do you think of Sleek? What would you recommend?
Oh my goodness - this is the best Cosmetic Company Outlet BY FAR!

Couldn't help myself - I bought 2 Brushes (a 165 and 239), a Creme Bronzer (Beach Bronze), 2 Pro Longwear Lipcremes (Overtime and Unlimited), Blot Powder (Light) and a Powder Blush (Garb).

They had so much more than the other branches and had it all so well organised - I could have bought so much more but had to restrain myself!

I've only tried out a few bits so far, but I have to say people rave about Powder Blush in Garb and I can see why - it's gorgeous! Very neutral and natural looking, but gives a lovely sheen to your face.